A chiller is a device that cools a room by moving the heat to another room. A chiller uses the technology of a heat pump. A chiller, however, will only work in one direction and the heat generated is often seen as 'residual heat' in a chiller. A heat pump in a home, however, can often work in two directions so that this installation can work as heating in winter and as air conditioning in summer.


The big advantage of a chiller is that it can be cooled under the ambient temperature. This while some systems can only cool to the temperature of the environment. The cooling is based on the physical principle that an evaporating liquid absorbs energy from the environment and a condensing liquid gives off heat to the environment. That an evaporating liquid absorbs heat is impossible try to jump into the pool on a sunny summer's day and climb out. Because the water evaporates on the body and extracts heat, the body cools down.


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